Comparison of storyboards to film

The film "Lost in Spring" enjoyed acclaim at a positive premiere recently, and, with the aid of actual stills we can compare and gain an insight into the influence of the original storyboards on the finished movie.

It is fascinating to see at times striking resemblances between storyboard and film, while other scenarios realised markedly differently, still retain the original intention of the boards.

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"Lies We Tell" new artwork

New poster art for the much anticipated film "Lies We Tell" has been revealed, as well as an updated credits list on, with updates on IMDB, Facebook and Twitter. Featured for the first time are portraits of many of the film's main protagonists alongside lead actor Gabriel Byrne, including Harvey Keitel, and the full poster art gives a tantalising glimpse into the mood of this noirish thriller, variously dubbed as romantic and moral.

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Lost in Spring

The film "Lost in Spring" is an emotional tale of the journey to self-awareness and future hope. It's all the more impressive and intriguing when you consider our heroine is a mere seven years old, when some spend their lives trying or never even reach that point.

In storyboarding this film, and then on set seeing it filmed, I found it an insightful and inspirational journey of how anyone can take that first brave step to realising their dreams.

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A myriad of decisions

An article on Concept Development and how the depiction of an idea can change quite dramatically between inception and the final storyboard drawing of that same concept.

Using video to capture the drawing process of several examples in their entirety, the development to outcome is sometimes surprising, even amusing. Watching how the initial sketch of an idea changes and develops into the finished concept is fascinating.

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A tale of ambition and self-belief

I found storyboarding the film "Lost in Spring" an enlightening joy. It's a great little story about a 7-year-old girl who comes upon a moment of self-awareness.

In wondering what she wants to be when she grows up, our little heroine realises the answer is right before her, but, on arriving at this crossroads in her life, can she take that bold step to realise her dreams?

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Storyboards to Film comparisons

How vision becomes reality: an interesting insight into how storyboarding ultimately translates into film.

On "Lies We Tell" I was able to not only draw the storyboards but also do stills photography, giving me a unique view into the whole filming process. It was fascinating seeing the storyboards, the "first look of the film" become reality.

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